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  • Capture and turn more inbound enquiries into business
  • Easily import leads and allocate to the right team members
  • Engage with customers quickly to begin an ongoing relationship
  • Automate tasks and free up time to assist more customers
  • Seamlessly hand over converted leads to backend platforms
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Capture and turn more inbound equity release enquiries into business

With FLG, you can ensure that as soon as leads reach your business, they are managed in a fast and consistent manner. For example, you might send a text message or an email to acknowledge enquiries and let them know when somebody will be in touch. This automated process keeps your customer informed and gives them confidence that you have received and are processing their enquiry. Quickly engaging with prospects significantly improves the chance of winning their business.

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Easily import leads and allocate to the right member of your team

Our platform makes it simple for you to upload your purchased data and referred leads. At the click of a button, the customer journey begins as the system gets to work by allocating, prioritising and contacting leads on your behalf.

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Engage with customers quickly to create an immediate and ongoing relationship

As soon as contact is made with your business, however that may be, create an instant feeling of responsiveness by having the FLG Equity Release Lead Management system automatically reply with a holding email, ask more questions via text message or even schedule for a physical document to be automatically sent out.

If a customer needs to be contacted via telephone or you need to book a face-to-face appointment, powerful workflows can automatically set tasks, check diaries and confirm appointments.

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Automate administrative tasks and free up time to assist more customers

FLG takes the hard work and administration out of handling new customer applications. Standard templates, communications and responses can be created in advance to be readily available at the click of a button. Save time by sending out your stock forms via post or email, leaving you free to spend more time assisting customers.

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Seamlessly hand over converted leads to backend platforms

Not only is FLG the ideal solution for handling all your Equity Release Lead Management, but it can also integrate with backend platforms, allowing you to automatically transfer converted leads - quickly and seamlessly.

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According to data from the Equity Release Council, the equity release market in the UK has reached unprecedented levels of activity, with growth predicted to reach over £4 billion by the end of 2018.

New audiences are attracted to equity release as a funding solution for a variety of socio-economic issues, in addition to a growing gifting trend where home owners release funds from property wealth to give to their families as early inheritance or to plan ahead for their futures.

With more and more new lenders entering the equity release market, customers are enjoying the low-rate lending choices available for lifetime mortgages, as well as an evolved product range with features such as downsizing protection and flexible repayment options.

This means that it’s increasingly difficult for providers to stand out in a competitive market. With FLG’S Equity Release Lead Management system, you can make an impression and outpace your competitors by allowing the platform to allocate, prioritise and quickly engage with new leads, automate administrative tasks and free-up your time so that you can focus on what you do best – assist your customers.