Is FLG the right platform for your mortgage customer leads?

  • Are you a Mortgage Adviser?
  • Do you capture, store, and manage sales leads?
  • Would you like to know that you never miss a sales opportunity?
  • Would a platform that can grow with your business be useful?
  • Would having our UK-based team of experts available by telephone give you confidence?
  • Would you like to be the leader in your field?

If you answered yes to any of the questions then FLG can help
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Mortgage Advisers CRM

✅ Make more sales

The FLG Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a reliable platform for Mortgage Advisers that comes with all the powerful features that you would need to automate routine tasks and communications so advisers can focus on what they do best – advising customers and make more sales.

This Mortgage Adviser CRM allows the capture of enquires and leads from various referral sources in real-time and by using a range of filters and applied rules, these enquiries can be processed consistently with customer touchpoints automated. Thus, by managing your leads more efficiently and quickly, more enquiries could be turned into customers.

✅ Delight your workforce and save time

FLG is an easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that would delight your workforce by making their roles simpler every day. It can be easily configured and tailored to a business’s sales process and unlike other CRMs available in the market that are generic, rigid and with limited compliance, this is a dedicated platform that was purpose-built for Mortgage Advisers.

The FLG Mortgage Adviser platform helps businesses streamline their sales process by enabling them to work more efficiently internally around the assigning of tasks, analysing capacity, who can do what in the team to get it turned around as quickly as possible. You can take that time that’s been saved doing admin and focus on adding customer value and giving your customers a more positive experience.

✅ Eradicate errors

Managing multiple mortgage enquiries can be time consuming and prone to error. For instance, spreadsheets can’t handle thousands of enquires effectively due to its manual nature resulting in potential human errors. Moreover, FLG is accessible online, wherever your Mortgage Advisers are working and thus, it allows the management of everything from one central place.

It’s important that no opportunity is left behind and nothing is missed. By using conditional logic to gather essential data based on customer’s prior responses, it creates powerful workflows triggered by status changes or completed actions. In this way, it acknowledges enquires automatically and prompt advisers to make immediate contact.

✅ Scale when you need

The FLG Mortgage Adviser CRM scales with any business, from start-ups to hundreds of seats, we’ve done it. This software can help those high-performing Mortgage Advisers who are ready to see their company grow and genuinely looking to scale but are experiencing the constraints of scale. We have powerful local insights, FLG being a UK-based company with local, accessible, and experienced support team who know best practice.

The platform can support a wide product portfolio while treating each uniquely such us statuses, templates, and workflows for each product in your portfolio. Moreover, there is a central hub containing lots of in-built integrations and with our Zapier integration, FLG is connected with 3,000+ external web apps that allows to seamlessly move data around and power workflows as well as to process crossing over to 3rd party tools.

✅ Never lose sleep over security

The FLG Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a robust and reliable platform programme. It’s compliant in the UK finance market (FCA and GDPR regulations) and as all data is held in the EEA, there are no concerns about GDPR which could happen with some international products.

This is a secured platform, hosted in ISO 270001 certified UK data centres and trusted by thousands of Financial Advisers since 2007 to store their customer data as well as to help them remain complaint. With FLG, you control access and safeguard data with granular user permissions. Therefore, you will never worry about falling short of regulations again.

✅ Activate our concierge service whenever you need it

There’s a new and different way for you to start enjoying your business again. It’s called our Concierge Package and it will banish the nagging feeling of whether or not you and your business will make it. It comes front-loaded with a ‘Hand-holding’ service that’s rarely available with other CRM providers, which will allow you to finally make the positive impact you want on those you serve.

Join various high performing mortgage companies, who after embracing FLG, have increased their revenues by closing more cases faster with proper systems for attracting, following up, and converting customers on autopilot. Let us take you behind the scenes and let you decide yourself risk free if this Done-For-You solution is good as our clients say it is. Moreover, there are still zero set up costs.

✅ Total control of costs

It’s time to take the lead, check in on progress and keep control of your costs. FLG is cost-effective and due to its easy integration with various other platforms, you will not have to pay for multiple tools and resources to fill the gaps.

The FLG Mortgage Adviser CRM offers granular and bespoke reporting to draw the return on investment (ROI) information from the gathered data, making sense of your best performing channels. It could also offer instant and accurate calculations for income, expenditure, and many more with its built-in tool.

It’s time to take the lead.