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Adding variables to templates can be tricky - it takes time and it’s not in everybody’s comfort zone. Well, not anymore! Say goodbye to writing code and hello to adding any variable field you need with a single click.

Template variables just got a whole lot easier to use with our latest release. We think you’re going to LOVE it – you’re welcome 😊.

Add template variables with a single click

To make it simpler and quicker for all users, we’ve added a new field chooser so you can now add template variables with a single click and see all available variables in one easy menu –  everything at your fingertips right where you need it.


Add fields from Appointments and Journeys

We’ve also made Appointments and Journeys fields available in the field chooser so they too can be added to your templates, making your data more accessible and usable.


Check out this short video to see how easy it is:

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