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When dealing with customer sales and sales lead management, it is important to use all the platforms at your disposal to maximise your opportunities to interact with a customer and nurture any potential leads.

SMS is a fantastic tool for communication between your business and a customer. But what makes it so important to managing an effective customer sales experience?


During any customer interaction, quick and immediate communication is important. That direct line to a customer provides a way to gather information, update, inform and also market to someone in an efficient manner.

When trying to nurture leads, that level of responsiveness and fast one-to-one contact with a customer can really help present a positive impression of your business, which customers will be receptive to.

SMS is a great way to do this as it allows you to put information right into the hands of a customer and onto their phone. There’s a sense of immediacy around an SMS message, especially when requesting information which can lead to more fluid communication between your sales team and a customer.

Information gathering

The speed which you can respond and receive information through an SMS can be useful for speeding up your engagement with a customer and your ability to push a lead through your sales process.

Asking questions and requesting quick pieces of information via SMS allows for fast and convenient data gathering. A lot of this information might be captured via automated messages sent out when a lead is first captured, providing you with the extra information you need to begin the sales process.

This enables your team to begin working with a customer while already armed with a wealth of information. Because your sales team are more informed when heading into a conversation with a customer, the sales process can run more smoothly.

SMS is especially important if you need a response or answer to a question quickly and a customer is unable to answer a phone call. Perhaps your customer is at work and unable to talk, however they could quickly respond to a SMS message.

This allows you to keep a sales process moving even when the ability to communicate with a customer might be limited.

Lead nurturing

Being able to keep a customer informed of what’s going on and the status of their enquiry is a fantastic way to nurture a lead and show you care about their custom.

SMS allows for quick updates and snippets of information which can be used to support and underpin any email or print marketing that you send out. This could be used to draw a customer’s attention to particular information that might be specifically important to them, for instance.


Being able to keep a customer informed of what’s going on and the status of their enquiry is a fantastic way to nurture a lead and show you care about their custom.

This creates a sense of personalised contact and reiterates to the customer that you understand their needs, and that assistance and support isn’t far away. This helps to make potential customers feel valued which is a massive help to any sales process.

How can FLG help manage your business leads?

SMS allows you an additional point of contact with a customer that helps you to reach someone quickly and easily. It also gives you a direct point of contact, which can be vital in nurturing a lead.

FLG can help make your messaging much more effective. We provide a family of robust lead management tools that can:

  • Use powerful workflows to automate your sales processes including sending out automated SMS messages to customers
  • Integrate with other software platforms, including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Efficiently process your leads to help follow up and achieve more sales

If you’re interested in learning more about FLG and how it can link up the different areas of your business, please take a look at how to connect FLG with your existing applications.

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