Sometimes it is important for a business to be able to take a step back, assess progress and look at how well a team is performing. Using sales lead performance reporting software allows a company to review the performance of their agents – from efficiency through to quality.

FLG Insights allows you to build and run amazingly detailed reports that show how your business and your agents are performing. The platform provides a degree of flexibility, allowing you to access reports straight away or scheduling them to be emailed to colleagues at set times of the day, week or month. This is perfect for providing up to date analysis of progress and performance and being able to amend and adjust training or workflows as a result.

Lead insights reporting software allows you to:

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Build reports using our simple online interface

FLG Insights comes with over 30 pre-written reports for you to choose from. These reports are all customisable, so they can be fine-tuned and edited to suit your particular needs. You can also create brand new reports using an online interface allowing you to create reports that allow you to analyse and share the data you need quickly and easily.

Add basic fields or calculate columns based on other data

Any data field in FLG Core can be dragged onto a report, but you can additionally create columns that sum, subtract, multiply, count or average data from other columns. You can also total complete columns and format data to appear in a certain way.

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Export in range of formats

Reports can be exported in pretty much whatever format you desire, from beautifully designed and eye-catching PDFs (including text formatting, images and charts) to pure data exports utilising Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, CSV or text. This gives you a really flexible approach to your reporting allowing you to be as complex or simple as you require meaning you can create customer facing and internal reports really easily.

View reports on your tablet and mobile devices

Being able to access data and assess performance on the go is crucial in a busy working environment. You’ll likely need access to your data when you’re on the call centre floor, or out of the office. Every report is designed to be viewed, filtered and sorted on a mobile device. You can even export and email reports directly from your phone, ensuring your colleagues also have access to important information whenever and wherever they need it.

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Automatically schedule releases

You might have reports that need to be run and distributed at specific times, such as monthly progress reports or weekly updates to help identify targets and areas of focus. FLG Insights allows you to set schedules that allow you to send reports every hour, day, week, month, year or any custom time in between. Alongside being able to define a set time to send out reports you can also specify the format you send your reports out in and create email circulation lists to ensure the right people get the right information at the right times.

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