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Are you an FLG user who needs to manage more leads each month, send more emails? Do you want to access more powerful FLG features, including secure document uploads, fact-find and appointment-scheduling tools, advanced reporting, SMS replies, and dialler & telephony functionality?

Discover the incredible value for money you get when you upgrade your FLG subscription from Plus to XL.

Written by Lauren Shaw
Marketing Manager at FLG

Published: 19/11/2020
Updated: 22/12/2021

What do I get on the XL plan?

When you upgrade your FLG subscription from Plus to XL (our most popular plan), you benefit from:


A larger lead allowance and more monthly emails:

  • 400,000 more leads across your account
  • 200,000 more emails each month


Secure document uploads:

  • Send an SMS or email template to your clients, containing a link that invites them to upload documents you need to collect from them
  • Send templates manually, via a lead action or workflow, or in bulk
  • A fully mobile-friendly feature, including camera and document upload support
  • Offer your clients convenience – let them upload documents on the go, wherever they are
  • Restricted to a range of safe file types
  • Documents are automatically uploaded to lead records
  • Avoids interception risks to keep clients’ data secure
  • Less manual upload work, saving your team time
  • Automate actions after receiving documents (a text to confirm safe receipt, assign a task to your users, etc.)

Learn more about secure document uploads


Journeys fact-find tool:

  • Build online forms with our drag-and-drop tool – zero coding skills required
  • Create guided call scripts that prompt users to collect essential data during fact-finds calls
  • Collect information in as many different field types (including tables) or pages as necessary
  • Use conditional logic to show or hide form sections based on previous responses
  • Include in-page calculations and helper text
  • Share completed journeys with customers to collect further details and e-signatures
  • Create customer-facing journeys to be completed independently at their convenience

Learn more about Journeys


Appointments scheduling tool:

  • Link FLG with your Microsoft or Google calendars with 2-way synchronisation
  • Define your appointment types, user availability and required notice periods
  • Invite customers to appointments or let them choose from available slots via our booking wizard
  • Remind users about upcoming appointments on their dashboard, via email and/or SMS
  • Send customer reminders & follow-ups based on the date and time of their appointment

Learn more about Appointments


Insights advanced reporting & analytics:

  • Create custom reports with our point-and-click report building tool
  • Extract data from all of your core and custom fields
  • Capture leads from different sources and track where they come from
  • Create reports for each stage of your sales process with funnel reports
  • Format data the way you want it, including pivot tables, lists, and line, area, bar and pie charts
  • Schedule & share reports automatically via email (e.g. at the end of the day, week, or month)

Learn more about Insights


Voice dialler & telephony functionality:

  • Easily log all calls with our Aircall and CircleLoop telephony integrations
  • Click-to-call from each lead record
  • Automated call matching, notes & recordings

Learn more about Voice


2-way SMS functionality

  • Enable SMS replies (this is an optional feature with a small additional charge)
  • Automatically assign replies to the correct user
  • View SMS replies in each lead’s timeline, keeping all interactions in one place
  • A frictionless way to progress a lead if they prefer to text back and forth
  • Engage with leads when they can’t speak on the phone (when at work or in a public place)

Learn more about FLG’s SMS functionality


And that’s not all

  • Custom branding
  • Unlimited brands
  • Partner portals
  • SMS short links


How much does XL cost?

The price of our XL plan is £137.50/month for 5 users, which equates to about £0.91p per user per day! That’s less than a daily cup of coffee each to access all of the powerful features listed above. No strings, no lengthy contract – you’re free to change or cancel your monthly rolling subscription whenever you like.

FLG pricing Plus and XL Plans

*Optional SMS replies are charged at an additional £10/month.


Let’s chat

If you have any questions about when you upgrade your FLG or you’d like to take a closer look at any of the additional features you get on our XL plan, please contact us.


Written by Lauren Shaw

Marketing Manager at FLG.


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