Being able to reach your customers with fast and effective marketing is crucial for the growth of your business and the nurturing of potential leads. A sales lead management system with automated marketing functionality gives you the power to control how you develop your leads and bring them on board as customers more efficiently.

FLG Core allows you to use powerful document, HTML email and SMS templates to send marketing messages to as many leads as you need, creating fantastic promotions that resonate with your customers. Doing this gives you the potential to recapture leads that may have lost interest, or ones who have forgotten about their interest in your service.

FLG Core can help you with your email marketing leads:

Create letters and mailers

Design letters that can be sent as a PDF or printed for physical mailing. The templates allow you to insert fonts, graphics, tables and merged fields from your main database helping to create insightful and detailed communications for your customers. Agents can print letters immediately or workflows can queue all prints until the end of the day and print everything in a single batch job.

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Design powerful HTML emails

Design HTML emails that can be sent out to all of your lead database, or selected groups of potential customers. Our templates allow you to insert graphics, specialised fonts and content. You can also take fields from your database and create useful insights that can offer your leads an understanding of current progress, or data that they might require.

Utilise the speed and convenience of SMS

Whether you’re keeping your customer updated, require a response or need a simple piece of information quickly, SMS is a fantastic way to maintain instant contact and communication with your customers. They may be at work and unable to take a call, not able to access email or on holiday with poor reception - whatever the reason, SMS is a great, instant way to inform or get answers and ensure efficient customer service.

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Increase the conversion rate of your enquiries

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Products Used

The FLG family of products is a complete, hosted framework designed to work seamlessly together. We enable your business to receive, manage, process and convert leads in a completely secure environment.

FLG Core

Our main lead processing software, capturing every single enquiry from the point of receipt and managing it through to conversion.

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