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  • Engage with your customers quickly to win more business
  • Get your insurance leads to the right agent
  • Seamlessly integrate with Open GI
  • Maintain a loyal, long-term relationship with your customer
  • Enhance your document management process
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Engage with your customers quickly to win more business

With FLG Insurance Leads Management, you can ensure that as soon as a lead arrives it is allocated, prioritised and contacted in a fast and consistent manner. This automated process keeps your customer informed and gives them confidence that you have received and are processing their enquiry. Engaging with your customers properly at the beginning of their journey significantly improves the chance of winning their long-term business.

Get your insurance leads to the right agent

You likely have members of your team that are specialists in their field (pet insurance, home insurance, car insurance or even types of vehicle, age of driver, etc.). FLG Insurance Leads Management can understand where a lead has come from and which team or person it needs to go to in order to have it processed quickly and efficiently.

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Seamlessly integrate with Open GI

FLG Insurance Leads Management is the the perfect platform for handling all your inbound insurance leads, but we're not a complete insurance management system. For that reason, we have direct API integration with Open GI and other leading insurance systems, that allows you to automatically hand converted leads to whatever backend system you use - quickly and seamlessly.

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Maintain a loyal, long-term relationship with your customer

Most customers looking to purchase insurance will receive a flurry of communications while being quoted and then won’t hear anything until 11 months later. Frustratingly, that next contact is usually when their renewal is due! The powerful direct marketing tools of FLG allow you to stay in constant contact with your customer and implement workflows that schedule regular tasks and events throughout the year - creating loyalty and increasing the chance of repeat business.

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Enhance your document management process

FLG Insurance Leads Management provides an extremely efficient way for you to manage the two-way processing of emails, SMS and documents. Whether you send your quotes and policies electronically or still require a wet signature, FLG has powerful features built in that automate the process and allow your team to make contact at the click of a button.

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The Association of British Insurers confirmed in 2016 that the UK insurance sector is now the fourth largest in the world, and the largest in Europe, with the average UK household spending over £600 per year on home, motor and personal insurance. However, the industry is fiercely competitive, with online comparison sites, insurance companies and brokers all competing to win the same insurance leads, meaning customers looking to purchase have more choice than ever before.